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“Every space should invite and inspire, each detail be carefully considered…” Susie Atkinson draws on over 20 years experience to create influential interiors and exquisitely crafted furniture, lighting and accessories, and sources carefully selected timeless pieces and antiques.


Recognising the importance of how a space will be used and that the architecture is only ever enhanced by a considered interior finish, Susie’s designs eschew the ‘fashionable’ to bring a room to life with exquisite colours, contrasting textures, surprising and delightful pieces of furniture or a favourite family heirloom.


She builds on these elements in a design process that is about the balance of texture – she has a passion for natural fabrics such as heavy linens, hemp, silks, velvets, cashmere, wool – and mixing these with different textured surfaces such as wood, zinc or granite. Her timeless interiors can be found in private country houses, London town houses, boutique hotels, clubs, restaurants and spas.